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Hospital Management System

Electronic Medical Record system. Hospital resources management, shifts, beds, etc. International standards usage and National Health Interoperability Network integration. Encrypted sensitive data management. Developed for the Argentinean National Ministry of Health.

“>Hospital Management System

COVID-19 Self Assessment

Self-diagnosis and management system to detect Covid-19 cases. Dashboards with georeferenced information. Healthcare centers management modules. Geolocalized monitoring services for confirmed positive cases. Categorization based on number of cases. Health centers Interoperability: HL7 FHIR1, SNOMED CT2. Emergency Alerts.

Satellite Imagery Management Platform

Satellite image processing system to manage crops and agri-food production processes. e-Commerce and Logistics systems to enable the producer and consumer to easily sell, buy and deliver products. Global and Multilingual Business systems.

Academic Management System

Requested by the Argentinean Modernization Ministry. Designed and developed to manage government employees training courses. Provides management tools over teachers and admin personnel information.

School Management System

Designed and developed for Argentine elementary and high schools. More than 1M users connected simultaneously. 100% availability for urban and rural areas with limited internet connectivity access. Follow-up to prevent school dropouts and low performance. Encrypted data protection.