Software Factory

innovative software solutions

seamless integration

Project ramp-up planned to ensure client’s swift and seamless integration

project development

Team performance and project development regular reporting and metrics

 Tech Leads

Architects, Tech Leads, DBAs, DevOps and Talent (HR) follow up and support

From requirements gathering to go-live

Business process automation software

Clickable wireframes to expedite cost estimations and support project scope definition

Cutting edge technologies combined with high performance multiskilled – multidisciplinary teams

Contracts aligned to delivery goals and budget objectives

Clickable wireframes for better user experience and optimal infrastructure & database definitions

Agile methodology as industry standard

Our value proposition

Our distintives values


Excellent Software

Excellent Software Engineering Quality & Performance

global markets understanding

Cultural affinity based on experience and global markets understanding

Programs for Engineering Trainees

Train-to-Hire Programs for Engineering Trainees

Competitive Rates

Affordable and 
Competitive Rates

Sophisticated R&D applications

Sophisticated R&D applications

Fast Resource 

Fast Resource 

Our Team

Business process automation software

IT Professionals


IT Professionals

Seniors Engineers

70 %

Seniors Engineers

Senior Researchers

5 PhDs

Senior Researchers

Architects | Developers | Functional Analysts | QA Engineers | UI/UX Designers DBAs | Tech Leads | DevOps

Tech Stack


Open Technology
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From friendly UI design to simple and easy code & deploy Helping customers migrate to new technologies minimizing costs Win new customers and expand your business with tailor-made or out-of-the box solutions

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