Staff Augmentation

talent solutions

Staff works directly with client’s internal team

Staff works directly with client’s internal team

staff Fast onboarding

Fast onboarding to reduce capacity impact

Cost savings on hiring

Cost savings on hiring and employee training

Offshore Staffing

Elite Talents Ignite Growth
On-demand team

On-demand team scalability based on train-to-hire program

edge technologies

Cutting edge technologies and Agile methodologies experience and expertise

internal team goals

Aligned to client’s internal team goals and objectives while ensuring cultural fit

Fast integration

Fast integration to secure delivery capabilities growth


Teams Ready to Fit

self organized teams

Multifunctional and multidisciplinary self organized teams

fit projects

Flexibility to fit projects at any stage of the development

Oriented to add value

Oriented to add value to client’s business ecosystem

deliver quality 
on time

Focus on specific
 tasks to deliver quality 
on time


Partnership in Sync
Strategic alliances

Strategic alliances, network and location allow scalable resourcing and top performing contributors

Team performance

Team performance and Project development metrics and regular reporting

 Tech Leads

Architects, Tech Leads, DBAs, DevOps and Talent (HR) follow up and support

Enhanced selection process with the client

Enhanced selection process with the client

Our value proposition

talent adquisition

Train-to-hire program for top performing graduates supported by one of the most prominent tech universities allows continued resourcing model.

Our Team

we work with 100% Agile Methodologies

IT Professionals


IT Professionals

Seniors Engineers

70 %

Seniors Engineers

Senior Researchers

5 PhDs

Senior Researchers
Architects | Developers | Functional Analysts | QA Engineers | UI/UX Designers DBAs | Tech Leads | DevOps

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